St. Andrew and All Souls is a joining together of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (founded in 1895) and All Souls (a one year old emerging Episcopal mission). Together we are a ‘new parish’ church which is Anglican in tradition, emerging in ethos and contemplative in soulOur purpose is seeking Union with God, in the way of Jesus, for the sake of others and for the life of the world. We are:

gigart-portland.poster.zoom_ROOTED in the soul and culture of Portland (serving the north Portland neighborhoods of Portsmouth, St Johns, Kenton, Piedmont, Mock Crest, Overlook, University Park, Cathedral Park, Arbor Lodge, and Hayden Island).

GROUNDED in ancient, Catholic, Trinitarian Christian faith as practiced within the Anglican tradition (expressing the beauty and mystery of Catholic Christianity) and generous evangelical tradition, which holds that the coming of Jesus is Good News for the cosmos, for all people, and for our world.

FORMED in the Way of Jesus via liturgical, sacramental worship (in both traditional and creative forms) daily prayer and the spiritual practices of listening, discernment, stability, radical welcome, and hospitality, towards ‘the conversion of life.’

COMMITTED to full, conscious and active participation in God’s Reign of Shalom (abundant life, well-being, joy, peace, justice and restoration).

LINKED to The Episcopal Church, The Diocese of Oregon and the Metro East Convocation.

CONNECTED with Fresh Expressions, Parish Collective, and other ecumenical partners and friends.

WE GATHER WEEKLY for authentic, transformative encounters with God, towards the conversion of life and engaged participation in God’s Reign of Shalom, as a community and in our individual lives.

We practice radical welcome to all souls from every culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic level, gender identity and generation.