Manna and Mercy


Manna and Mercy‘ resonates deeply within all souls open to receive the promises of God, who provides Manna (bread from heaven) and mercy (grace undeserved). God is the provider of Manna and Mercy. Manna is not just about calories and mercy is not exacting ‘justice.’ Manna and mercy describes how God relates to us, with love and tender compassion.

Our diakonia (service) is to function as God’s waitstaff, helping extending to others the eternal sustenance and compassion which we ourselves continually receive from God.

The phrase ‘Manna and Mercy’ is from a little book by Lutheran pastor and writer Dan Erlander. The long title of the book is ‘Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God’s Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe.’ This is it… The Reign/ Shalom of God to is to mend/forgive/ reclaim/redeem/save/heal and renew the whole universe. This extends beyond church to united us in a new consciousness which is in service to all humanity, is  inclusive of earth-keeping our planet and seeking to live (as best as we are able) in harmony with all living things.

eucharistic lifeSt. Andrew and All Souls seeks to engage mission by practicing ‘sacramental life,’ which is to live ‘day to day’ from the manna and mercy of God. Manna because humans need spiritual food that only God can provide. Mercy because we are living in broken world, in need of God’s forgiveness in order to become forgiving people.

We are a eucharistic community, seeking to live in a way that reflects the manna and mercy which we receive each day from God. We are a contemplative community, engaging in holy listening and discernment for the will of God in our individual and communal lives. We are a missional community, seeking to extend God’s manna and mercy to all, including those who are poor, oppressed, hungry, lonely, hurting, in danger or in need of hope.

St. Andrew and All Souls operates Hereford House, which providing food and clothing for the working poor, those who live outdoors and others in need in North Portland. We also host a 1st Sunday of the month community lunch from 1-3 pm.